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Many of the products we make are ordinary items you see regularly in your office or at home. That is precisely why we pay special attention to the small things you notice in your daily routine. Even though KOKUYO’s art of manufacturing is based on the knowledge and skills we've accumulated over many years, we are never content with settling on tradition alone. We work toward creating products and services that assist in making our customers' intellectual activities and working environment more creative.

In the stationery business, new ideas pop out in our minds, making us think “It’d be nice to have that!”, or “I hope we make this into a product!”, and we strive for creating and providing valuable products from such ideas.

In the furniture business, we aim to become a corporation that contributes to social development by improving the creativity and efficiency of office workers, and building comfortable environments based on the belief that the potential to bring sustainable development to a corporation lies within its offices.

Aiming to be the “Honor of Asia”

KOKUYO was founded in 1905 as a company that exclusively made book covers for ‘wachō’ (traditional Japanese accounting books), and built its corporate foundation by developing ready-made stationery products including ‘wachō’, western-style accounting books, payment slips and writing paper. It launched sales of office furniture in the 1960s, and ever since KOKUYO has been pouring efforts into providing a vast array of products necessary for workplaces -- from paper products and stationery to desks, chairs and construction materials – all at reasonable prices.

The name KOKUYO was originally written with two Chinese characters: “国” (koku), meaning “country”, and “誉,”(yo) meaning “pride”.

It reflects the founder's resolution to become the pride of his homeland Toyama Prefecture. This philosophy lives on KOKUYO Group, as does the founding spirit “to take the initiative in undertaking and completing work that others aren't willing to do”. Today, after over a century since its founding, our business has evolved along with the changes in society, but our resolution to conduct work we can be proud of has remained completely unchanged.

Today, KOKUYO Group is conducting an “axial” value chain business model centered around three core business areas - stationery, furniture, and online-shopping/retail – and strives to realize agile management, timely product development, and a range of products and services based on customer feedback by reinforcing the coordination within the chain of value of the entire group.

In the immediate future we will aim to further advance our presence in the Japanese market by creating new demands, and also providing products that make people's work and lives more fulfilling and creative in the ever expanding Asian market. We've already been conducting business in China, Vietnam and India, and we will continue to make contributions to the development of other rapidly growing Asian nations. Using the knowledge and technology we have nurtured during our growth in Japan, together with thorough information concerning local situations, new value chain expansions in each country will be suited to the pace of its respective economic growth.

From Japan to the “Honor of Asia,” KOKUYO Group will continue to be a challenger in keeping with the spirit of the “homeland pride.”

Akihiro Kuroda
Representative Director of the Board, Chairman
KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

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